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Kaldi Financial Technology Limited is not and does not purport to be regulated or authorised in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority for the purposes of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (as amended) and the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) Order 2001 (as amended).
The Kaldi application is not operational or live and, therefore, there is no infrastructure for recipients to begin any activities on the platform. As such, the information in this communication is indicative only and is purely for informational purposes.

Shop, earn


and invest

Build your future without lifting a finger. Save or auto-invest cashback from your everyday spending. It's a no brainer.

Kaldi app, savings and rewards with M&S, Morrisons, Boots, Halford, Primark. Shop, save, invest

Pay with Kaldi

Over 100 of the UK's favourite supermarkets and high street brands. With an average cashback of 2.5%. We want you to shop like normal.

Get cash rewards

You get instant cashback on every purchase made with us into a separate savings pot. Letting you forget about saving stress.

Invest in your savings

Watch your savings grow by investing, little and often. Get rich slowly, and build towards your financial goals.

These features/opportunities will be available through Kaldi after launch.

How Kaldi will work after launch

Kaldi app demonstration

Load your Kaldi app with cash

Think of it as your new monthly spending account with superpowers - shop as normal with Kaldi.


Get rewarded as you shop

Every time you shop with Kaldi at our partner brands or shops, you'll receive an average of 2.5% cashback into your savings pot.


Kaldi saves or auto-invests

Save your cash rewards, or discover the power of investing with Kaldi and choose from expertly curated funds.


Watch your money grow

As your daily shopping rewards boost your savings and are invested. Helping you achieve the goal of the house you want to buy, the car you want to drive, or the retirement in the sun we all deserve.

Take your first steps towards less financial worry
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Savings revolution

Sign up to our waitlist, and invite friends to receive rewards and cashback when Kaldi launches.

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Sign up to the waitlist with just your name and email address, or complete four simple steps to receive founder member benefits and rewards.
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Complete this step by providing a few more details and receive your Founders card once available shortly after launch. Subject to the terms and conditions of the card agreement.
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Have your say. Tell us a little about why you’re excited to start saving with Kaldi and be entered into our competition prize draw.
Entered into the Founders Prize Draw to win a cash prize at launch. 1x wait lister will receive £1000, 100x wait listers will receive £100 and 1000x wait listers will receive £10.*
*Please note that cash prizes in the 'Founders Prize Draw' are dependent on Kaldi going live.
What most excites you about Kaldi's proposition?
What feature do you really want to see in Kaldi?
What are you saving up for future you?
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Refer 5 friends to the Kaldi waiting list and we will reward you with cashback on their spend when Kaldi goes live. Simply copy and send them your unique referral link and have them sign up to the waitlist. Participants will be limited to 5 redemptions of their unique referral link to enable additional cashback rewards upon Kaldi launching.
Earn an extra 0.5% cashback reward on every friend's spend through Kaldi for their first three months.
Bring 5 friends along for the savings revolution and double your cashback for 3 months.*
Send 5 friends a referral code by adding their email addresses below and have them sign up to the waiting list to start your free savings pots together.
*5 friends spending £250 per month through Kaldi could earn £6.25 for the original referrer on top of their own cashback.

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Facts from Kal
start investing
long run beats short run
crypto makes losses
Kaldi cards


the future

into your

These are some of the features which will be available to you when Kaldi goes live.

Share your rewards

Want to help kick start someone's savings revolution? At the flip of a switch, you can link your account to gift your cashback rewards to family and friends. Every time you shop they get closer to their financial goals. How generous are you?!

Send cash with Kaldi

Someone owe you for that Nandos, or Costa Coffee? Maybe you need to pay them back – whatever it is, you can do it quickly and easily in the app.

Roundup your savings

If you like we'll round your purchases up to the nearest pound and pop it in your Kaldi savings account for a rainy day fund, or to go towards your investments. So that's what they mean by look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. £3.25 coffee at Caffe Nero goes up to £4 and you save 75p 🥳

Join the

Savings revolution

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